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Anyone Waiting
U.K. Pub, Club & Hotel Services

Anyone Waiting was set up 15 years ago as a medium for supplying larger business with relief staff. Since then we have many different departments of staffing for many different venues, including:-

    • Brains Establishments
    • Carmarthenshire Theatres
    • The National Botanical Gardens of Wales
    • Aberglasney Gardens
    • Sylen Lakes
    • Parc Y Scarlets

With Festivals and events such as

    • Silverstone Grand Prix
    • T4 on the Beach
    • Beach Break South Wales
    • from Funfairs & Carnivals to Carboot Sales

Also staffing many private businesses across South Wales from Nightclubs to Hotels.

Anyone Waiting takes in staff from all walks of life, training and educating them in the business in order to better themselves and their individual skill sets. We often hold in-house training,. working closely alongside government and statutory bodies and organisations helping local people to improve their quality of work. This training is passed down to junior staff increasing their bank of knowledge in order for them to progress to senior staff and management positions. All staff have at least a basic training in all areas and departments of Anyone Waiting.

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